Mark Gabbertas

Furniture Designer

Mark Gabbertas’ introduction to design began in 1990 with an apprenticeship as a cabinet-maker at Coddrington Furniture.  He then trained as a junior maker at Stemmer and Sharp before embarking on a career as a designer-maker. Gabbertas’ work grew from small private client projects, to larger commercial organizations, and it is the latter that has become the main focus of his workshop.

Gabbertas commenced work with Boss Design in 2007 with the launch of Tom, Dick and Harry.  The striking trio of contemporary tub chairs proved to be a huge success, receiving an FX Design Award in 2007, and more recently a Design Guild Mark, 2008.

Mark’s philosophy is to create character through simplicity.  He says ‘This approach helps guide the design of products to have a lasting aesthetic. The design of an object is heavily influenced by an appreciation of the commercial realities that surround it –if a great looking design does not sell; perhaps it is not such a great design.'

Design Guild Mark