Everyman Cinemas

As the network of Everyman boutique cinemas expands across the UK, Lyndon Design continues to furnish each venue with a bespoke range of seating that is vital for creating the intimate and luxurious cinema environment for which the Everyman brand is renowned. 

A collection of two-seater sofas and armchairs made from a variety of coloured fabrics including velvet with fully upholstered timber frame, and complete with foam and feather deluxe seat cushions, are featured throughout the Everyman venues. In addition, ‘three-seaters’, and ‘uber-seaters’ - two seat versions of the three-seater sofas that are designed to bring an extra sense of intimacy, originality and character to the cinema experience - also feature in some locations.

To complement its high quality upholstery, Lyndon Design also supplies handcrafted fitted walnut shelves to the back of each seat to act as personal tables above the carpeted footrests. Individual walnut tables and wine coolers attached to each armchair and sofa further enhance the experience.   

Already working on the next Everyman cinema proposals, specifier and designer Rick Hudson of Hudson Rock Design Ltd in London comments: “The classic aesthetic elements of Lyndon Design’s armchairs and sofas work perfectly with the

alternative feel of the Everyman brand. The elegant touches such as the footrests and tables with wine coolers make the Everyman cinema experience truly unique.”

Rick adds: “Lyndon Design’s seating is often designed in a range of colour-ways to coincide with the colour schemes of the different cinema screens.  In Leeds for example, shades of greys and minks beautify one screen and a combination of purples and reds another.”

Peter Alderman of Everyman, said of the collaboration with Lyndon Design: “We knew the seating had to be something special to complement Everyman’s unique cinema-going experience, and Lyndon Design continues to translate our vision of a luxurious and intimate cinema ambiance into reality.”

A total of 16 Everyman cinemas across the UK boast an innovative customer-centric cinematic experience with intimate theatres, multi-genre films and live entertainment on offer for customers.

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