Learning - Developing Focus Brochure

Learning - Developing Focus Brochure

At Boss Design we understand that well-designed learning environments can help education establishments succeed and businesses grow.

Universities are no longer just about teaching, learning and researching, but for living and working. Offices are no longer just about the 9 to 5, they are about developing employees through training and retaining skilled workers.

Historically the traditional structures of work and education were rigid, hierarchical and based on a patriarchal approach to achieving their aims.
For some time now people have been questioning this structure and, with it, the design of learning environments.

Over the past few decades, we have not only developed the technologies that allow us to learn in new ways, we have also developed a far better understanding of the process involved. It is one of the new tenets of modern learning theory that different kinds of learning goals require different approaches, the creation of new opportunities and the development of new environments.

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