The Future of Manufacturing

The Future of Manufacturing

Last week, Boss Design opened the doors of its Head Office in Dudley to a group of local school teachers.

The aim of the visit was to open up a conversation between our business and the local community. As an employer, we wanted to encourage the next generation of skilled manufacturers and showcase the opportunities that are rife for school-leavers at Boss Design. With some of our key business values focusing on the future, supporting the local area, and providing high quality British products, Boss Design strongly believes that the key to our continued growth is through educating the local community of the careers and jobs available within manufacturing. For many years, Boss has strived to diminish the current misconceptions surrounding factory work. Many of the teachers who visited on the day were surprised to learn the wages that are available to skilled workers such as sewers, upholsterers and assemblers who can achieve the handcrafted quality that Boss Design expects. 

The session started with a lively discussion amongst teachers and Boss staff, where topics from apprenticeships to the importance of women into design and engineering roles, took place. Next, the visitors were taken through into the design office, where Design Director, Mark Barrell explained the design process from initial concept through to final production of new pieces. This highlighted to the teachers the scope of opportunities there is within the furniture design world, inspiring them to suggest new career paths for their students.

Finally, the event was concluded with a tour of the factory floor, and a chance to meet with our talented production staff. The teachers were encouraged by the lively nature and buzzing atmosphere of our factory, which promotes a happy and thriving workplace. As always when entering a factory such as ours, the visitors were surprised to see that we do not operate a traditional production line. Boss Design favour a more holistic approach to the assembly process, where each member of the workforce is responsible for completing their own individual piece. This method encourages a more productive workforce, bringing job satisfaction and pride into their work.

Feedback from the session was highly positive, with both parties learning new information and establishing actions to take forward. We hope to continue this positive relationship and develop a new generation of happy, skilful employees. As Michael Holmes, Commercial Director suggested to the teachers, “The Future of Our Business is in Your Hands”.