Achieving Quality

Achieving Quality

Boss Design is a company well known for the quality of its products. We achieve this by combining experience, critical thinking and creative vision. It’s the recipe for our success and we believe it’s the reason why, at Boss Design, business has been booming for the last 30 years. By sharing the skills and knowledge we’ve accumulated over time, all of our staff benefit from our experience, which shows in the quality of the products that they deliver.

The starting point for all our products is research and creative thinking, both crucial for driving innovation. Our designers find fresh ideas and inspiration using both traditional and digital skills. They produce page after page of sketches before designs are chosen for the collaborative process of development and prototyping. We have a team of highly skilled people with no shortage of energy for the physical and cerebral task of working out how best to engineer and finish anything from a task chair to a sofa. They understand commercial timescales and the training time needed for skilled shop floor staff to produce new products without compromising quality.

To deliver great quality products we need great fabrics, fine leather and meticulous attention to detail. Each of our 16 upholsterers has their own personal workbench and applies the same stringent quality control to their work. They check for small flaws that occasionally appear as they stretch and work the leather over the soft curves of a frame and will discard any pieces that fall short of perfection. 

Each time a new line is launched our 14 sewers receive training from Freda, one of our longest serving staff members. Freda works out the most effective ways to stitch covers together and adjust pattern pieces to allow for the varying characteristics of different fabrics. Over 30 years ago when Freda first began her training she spent 3 months using a sewing machine with no thread, following swirling lines drawn on fabric in order to learn to finely tune her machine control. Her wealth of tailoring skills experience and her love of teaching and sharing are invaluable.

The experience and craftsmanship of our people plays an enormous part in our process. There’s no chain of blame as each and everyone understands their own worth and our brand values, which means that every product we deliver is of the highest quality each and every time.