Peek at 100% Design

Peek at 100% Design

The 20th edition of 100% Design promised us a mood that was both celebratory and firmly fixed on the future.  Happily for the team at Boss Design this fitted perfectly with our own mindset and optimistic outlook. Designing new, exciting products that enhance the workplace, and consequently lift the mood of the workforce, is what drives us and in turn makes our own spirits soar.  Drawing, designing and developing is at the heart of our business but the tingle of excitement really starts when a product leaves our headquarters and makes its first foray into the big wide world.

Bustling with industry enthusiasts, architects and specifiers, the 100% Design stage was the ideal platform to proudly show our latest soft office offering – the playfully titled Peek and Boo. 

Open plan working can inevitably result in interruptions and lack of privacy.  There are moments when we all need to escape to a place where we can close off disturbance and open our minds. Peek rises to the challenge – a high back, swivelling single seat that works to create a comfortable, private haven to work, think or relax. Boo is Peeks low back, smaller sibling and sits alongside it to create cool, flexible settings suitable for a whole multitude of tasks.

As Sam Pettersen, an internal designer at Boss and lead designer on this project put it:

'Boss have a reputation for creating stand out pieces and proven record of innovative design. We always have to remain true to the Boss Design ethos and create pieces that sit alongside the existing range, but with Peek and Boo we were also answering a need in the market. It’s a new way of thinking rather than just another chair.’ 

The plethora of drawings that Sam produced bear testament to the enormous creative effort involved in designing new pieces. Ideas were discussed, re-worked and refined and the team spent 10 energetic months prototyping. Market feedback, price point and logistics have all played their part in influencing the finished product that was so positively received by the market last week. Visitors to our stand sat, swivelled, swooned, smiled and left us with a feeling of time very well spent. 

We’ve returned to headquarters in a celebratory mood - our highly skilled workforce are fired up and ready to fulfil the orders.  A sneak peek into our design department proves that they’re all hard at work on their latest inspirations.