Does Hot-desking lead to hot tempers?

Does Hot-desking lead to hot tempers?

Are you territorial? If your desk is creaking under the weight of your trinkets and you like to park in exactly the same spot in the car park each day, the answer is probably yes. Spare a thought then for those office workers practising the nomadic art of hot-desking. The workers who clear their desks at the end of each shift not knowing where they’ll rest their laptop next. 

Rising property prices mean that having an office that’s full of furniture but only half full of staff is not what any of us could call effective space utilisation. Space is expensive and we need to find the most effective ways to use it. If half of your workforce are out on the road for half of their time then it doesn’t always make financial sense to give them a permanent desk. Many will thrive in this situation but for others, never knowing who they’ll be sitting next to can have a negative impact on their wellbeing. Add to that constant interuptions from other workers random thoughts, or telephone calls, and some will feel like their personal headspace has been invaded. 

At Unifi we’re aware that hot-desking can occasionally raise workers blood pressure. If just thinking about it is making you hot under the collar then you may need to find yourself a quiet corner and take some very deep breaths. We’d like to reassure you that Vista, our customisable range of acoustic office pods provide just the kind of calming space that allows you to take control and embrace flexible working.

We understand that even the biggest fans of hot desking could soon lose their cool if there’s nowhere to escape for a private conversation and no suitably discreet meeting environment to have a frank and open discussion with colleagues. To ensure effective working for all, open plan offices need meeting rooms and quiet corners for both contemplation and collaboration. 

We’re pleased to say that our designers have been busy developing office solutions that provide just that. Unifi glass panel office pods give you the comfort of the highest acoustic decibel ratings, and the security of lockable doors, ensuring your privacy even in the busiest of workplaces. Add to that the undeniable quality of their construction, their excellent carbon footprint and the fact that they can be customised to suit your space, and we think you’ll agree that we’ve got all territories covered. With a Vista office pod, open plan working and hot-desking doesn’t need to lead to hot tempers.