Great British Manufacturing

Great British Manufacturing

For many years talk of the demise of #GreatBritish#manufacturing caused folk to jump on their soapbox. They thought it was as dead as a dodo up a creak without a paddle, until the recent budget announcements that is.
At Boss Design we chose to ignore the pessimists.  We forged ahead with a ‘can do’ attitude and are delighted to have played our part in creating the new wave of optimism.
By blocking our ears to the negativity we’ve been able to go from strength to strength for the last 30 years manufacturing high quality, beautifully designed office#furniture from our state of the art facility in the West Midlands.
We worked hard to ensure that our facilities in Dudley and Cheltenham are equipped with everything we need to develop, prototype and test products from upholstered armchairs and sofas to visitor, meeting, conference, task and operator seating.
We have a history of British craftsmanship that has helped us become an international, award winning success story. We’re delighted that our most recent showroom has opened in the appropriately named Design House in Dubai. This year we’ve already exhibited at Design Shanghai and excited to be selling in China. We like to think that the world is our oyster.
Of course we never get complacent. To say the economy has had it’s ups and downs is putting it mildly. It’s been an international roller coaster ride. At Boss we’re glass half full types. We invest in people, innovative thinkers with a positive outlook.

We’re proud to be British and we recognise and capitalise on opportunities in the global community using a combination of creative strength and excellent engineering. We’re flying the British flag all over the world and we have a collective determination to leave a positive legacy for future generations. Forgive us if it sounds like we’re on our soapbox, we’re just eager to help spread the good news.