Flexibility and the ability to evolve with the changing business landscape

Flexibility and the ability to evolve with the changing business landscape

On a scale of 1 to 10 - how flexible are you?  
If you can touch your toes - give yourself a 5.  If you can bend over backwards - give yourself a pat on the back whilst you’re there.  Of course you can’t give yourself full marks for flexibility unless your mind is flexible too.  Chances are the results of that are somewhat influenced by your work environment.

At the Boss Design Group we understand that - in the same way that rigid chairs can make our backs stiffen, spending half our lives in a workspace that doesn’t evolve with our changing needs can make our minds seize up.  Open plan working may have given us more elbow space but unfortunately, lack of quiet corners can often lead to less brain space too.

Companies need to think strategically about creating workspaces that help enhance the wellbeing and build the confidence of their staff. Employees are the engine that keep a company moving and job satisfaction is closely linked to satisfaction with working environments. You’ve invested in your staff and investments need protecting. You’ll get an awful lot further with an engine that purrs than you will with one that clunks.

Drawing on our wealth of knowledge and expertise, we’ve flexed our creative muscles and have created some space enhancing solutions. Unifi - a range of pods that have true flexibility at their heart.

Nowadays the world changes at a rapid rate of knots. Not only is the workforce more and more diverse but business has to run to keep up with advancing technology and rising property prices.  Competition is intense and there’s not much room on the podium.  Unifi will help you respond rapidly and effectively to changes in your business landscape with the Vista office pod solution. Vista is easy to configure and re-configure, with adjustable lighting and a wealth of technology packages available. Like a highly honed athlete; Vista’s high quality frame may be ultra slim but it doesn’t compromise on strength and endurance.

Add to that our popular Made to Measure option and you could say that at Unifi we bend over backwards to help.

Choosing the flexibility of Unifi office pods keeps so many of your options open and makes perfect business sense. After all, everyone needs a quiet corner and no one can be certain of the shape of the future.