Nottingham Trent University Clerkenwell Design Week

Nottingham Trent University Clerkenwell Design Week

At this time of year thousands of design graduates are about to fly the student nest in search of a perch in the commercial world. 
For the last three years we’ve been giving a helping hand by setting a design brief for 2nd year students on the excellent Furniture and Product Design course at Nottingham Trent University.

The top five will present their final designs to an industry panel of experts who will judge the competition live at Clerkenwell Design Week on Wednesday 20th May at 14:00. This year's panel consist of Andy McBain, Head of Workplace Design from the Royal Bank of Scotland, Helen Parton, Editor of On-Office, Mick Jordan, Editor of On-Office and Fleur Peck at HAW Architects. 

Aside from the valuable opportunity of getting advice and feedback from an experienced, effective commercial team, the winning student will also be awarded top marks for the project and take away a shiny new ipad. Boss Design is committed to discovering and nurturing the best fledgling talent and we are delighted at the mutual benefits of being involved with students of this calibre. 
A number of our talented staff are alumni of Nottingham Trent so we know what an effective job the university does. Of course it’s survival of the fittest in the big, wide, working world and fledglings can’t thrive without some care and attention.  Who knows how far they’ll travel, or where they’ll land, but we’re satisfied that we’re given something back and sending them off with an extra feather in their cap.

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