Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Everyone likes to work with people that share their values and vision and here at Boss Design we believe that birds of a feather really do flock together.

We’ve been at the forefront of environmental management in our field for many years and so of course we like to work with other sustainable, caring, forward-thinking organisations. We believe it’s how the world should be - that ALL design should be sustainable and ALL products should be ethically produced.

It’s fitting that our furniture is often chosen to enhance the interiors of the most environmentally friendly office buildings such as Eon’s A-rated Trinity House in Nottingham. 

Eon were stringent in their questioning to ensure our environmental credentials were of the highest calibre. They weren’t disappointed! We measure the environmental impact of all our products and invest in the latest technology, tooling and efficient production systems. 

Our task chairs are built to last. The fact that our ergonomics are top notch too means that our chairs feel so good that users want to hang onto them. They also have easily replaceable components ensuring that their life is extended long after the warranty period. Beyond that we contribute usable chairs to the Waste to Wonder Warehouse project which helps spread the joy to national schools and charities.

At Boss Design we’ve got a whole pile of things to be proud of: 

We employ great people, many of them from our local area, and we feel a deep sense of responsibility to them and their ongoing training and development. 

We design beautiful, ergonomically outstanding products that exceed international standards.

We constantly review our processes to make sure that our operations are as efficient as possible.

We are totally committed to caring for the planet and leaving a positive legacy for future generations.

One of the secrets of our success is that we never rest on our laurels or take our eye off the ball. We are determined to keep looking forward and take every opportunity to do the right thing by our employees, society and the environment.